Fok Luk Sau Restaurant - Shark's Fin and Seafood Restaurant


“Fok” is the Chinese God of Prosperity and Happiness, representing the attainment of riches and self fulfillment. We offer an array of lavishly extravagant food, ranging from our premium grade Shark’s Fin and succulent Abalone to our delicate Bird’s Nest, guaranteed to satisfy your every craving.

“Luk” is the Chinese God of Power and Achievement, representing one’s ability to strive for perfection. This philosophy is closely followed by our culinary team who has been perfecting the art of preparing traditional Cantonese delights with the influence of local ingredients, thus redefining Cantonese Cuisine, Fok Luk Sau Style.

“Sau” is the Chinese God of Longevity and Health, representing immortality and wellbeing. We are dedicated to one simple unwavering principal: using premium grade ingredients coupled with simplistic preparation techniques to accentuate the flavor and freshness of each and every component.

Together, Fok, Luk, Sau represents the ultimate manifestation of prosperity, power and longevity; values that Fok Luk Sau Shark's Fin and Seafood Restaurant wishes to offer you.

It is our commitment to foster a friendly working environment for all our staff based on a family support system because we believe sincerity of service comes from a happy heart.

Designed for comfort, Fok Luk Sau utilizes a traditional Chinese dining concept, the spacious dining area and VIP rooms are decorated with elegant antiquities. Coupled with mouthwatering Cantonese delights, Fok Luk Sau Shark's Fin and Seafood Restaurant offers you a truly memorable dining experience.

Private Dining - Enjoy an intimate private party in the splendid setting of one of three private rooms Fok Luk Sau has to offer, each decorated with exquisite Chinese antiques.


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